Hobo & Hatch’s Top Picks of British Beaches to Visit During the Heatwave

Wow, what an absolute scorcher of a week, whether you are embracing the heatwave with an Aperol spritz in hand or heading to the closest bit of shade, a bit of sunshine is still the perfect boost for post-pandemic life. The hot weather is set to stick around for the next few months and with international travel rules still a bit iffy it is probably wise to get your vitamin D fix closer to home. It might come as a surprise that the UK is home to some incredible beaches from surfers, swimmers and sun-seekers the British Isles have got you covered.

Formby Beach-Merseyside Formby’s glorious coastline stretches for miles and is recognised as one of the best beaches for open water swimming. Set against a backdrop of sand dunes and forestry this beach is a rural delight.

Langamull Beach-Isle of Mull This Scottish beauty is dubbed the Mull Caribbean and with its turquoise waters and glistening white sand, it is easy to see the comparison.

Barafundle Bay-Pembrokeshire This Welsh wonder is a hidden gem and has won countless awards, it is only accessible by foot making it the perfect spot to get away from it all

Sennen Beach-Cornwall The aquamarine waters of this Cornish gem changes colour with the light.  Dolphins and basking sharks have also been spotted in the clear waters so keep a keen eye out.

By Sarah Ridgway

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