Hobo & Hatch's Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide

With the festive season upon us, we’re all thinking about gift-giving but as conscious shoppers, we know the problems that come with over-consumption. 

At Hobo & Hatch, we’re committed to slow fashion and sustainable practices and so we’ve put together this Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide, featuring our three favourite products for the festive season. 

We carefully pick all of our products to be ones that last. They are gifts that will stay with your recipient for years to come, a warming reminder that you have carefully and consciously chosen their gift with them and the planet in mind. 


More than a blanket, these are hand-woven, soft and comforting accessories that are extremely versatile. Wear as a wrap, warm up on a cold winter’s night or use as a decorative throw on your bed or couch. 

Made from sustainably sourced fabrics of 97% wool and 3% cotton, the soft yarn ensures this gift will be loved and cherished for many cold nights. 


Earlier this year, we launched our homeware collection with Madam Stoltz, a Danish interior design and decoration firm. We love Stoltz’s dedication to consciously handmade products and truly creative designs.

That’s why we’ve included this full homeware collection in our Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide to give you plenty of unique items to give to a friend. From stoneware to cushions, these are quirky gifts that will brighten up any interior and acts as a wonderful reminder of each other every time your recipient walks past it in their home. 



Last on our list is a gift that’s both practical and fashionable - our collection of hats. These winter warmers are made from 100% New Zealand wool and hand-woven by beautiful artisans in Nepal. Give this gift at Christmas and watch it become a staple of your friend’s winter wardrobe. 

These hats will last for the cooler seasons year after year, and when the warm weather starts to kick in, just point your friend to our summer hats - perfect for keeping the sun off your face. 

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