Launch of sustainable homeware with Madam Stoltz 

We are super excited to be able to grow the Hobo & Hatch store ethically and sustainably with the launch of our new homeware from Madam Stoltz.

This collection of treasures for your home includes consciously handmade designs inspired by nature, local traditions and craftsmanship. From sprucing up your home to adding some cosy must-haves, Madam Stoltz gives us designs for a lifetime.

About Madam Stoltz

Madam Stoltz is a Danish interior design and decoration firm that is dedicated to offering products that represent consciously handmade and creative designs. 

Taking inspiration from nature, local traditions and craftsmanship, Stoltz works in close collaboration with renowned Indian manufacturers and their families - bringing generations of wisdom to beautiful designs. Over the years, the brand has gathered a family of manufacturers in India, Morocco, China and Vietnam which brings in a multitude of special traditions and techniques to the collection. 

Founded by Pernille Stoltz and her husband, it has always been curiosity, creativity and passion fueling the brand. This, along with inspiration from the vibrant colours and wonderful culture of India contrasting with the rugged countryside of Bornholm, Denmark has led to these unique creations. Pernille personally monitors the production process and works in close collaboration with the manufacturers to produce unique clean lines, functionality and artisanal beauty. 

In keeping with our ethos to give back to communities, Stoltz follows similar principles, supporting the Nai Disha project in New Delhi to help hundreds of children and their families with free education. 

The Products

Madam Stoltz collections are chosen by heart and made by hand. This results in unique items that represent a journey through cultures and inspired by nature.

Madam Stoltz

These beautifully embroidered cushions, available in black or mustard and made from cotton, offer the perfect balance between bold and cosy, resting comfortably in place in your home.


For bohemian interiors or to add a wonderful feature to your garden, these lanterns create a soft warming glow wherever they are placed. 

Multi image of stoneware

Then we have the stoneware pieces - charming and interesting accessories that truly stand out in the home, representing the journey of cultures of the Stoltz brand. 

Hobo & Hatch was founded on finding beauty in the simple and we’re committed to sourcing like-minded brands with similar ethical and sustainable ideals. That’s why we’re thrilled to welcome the Madam Stoltz brand on board to bring you beautiful and ethical homeware pieces. It is our mission to tread lightly whilst directly empowering creative communities and Madam Stoltz fits perfectly into our idea of conscious shopping.

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