5 of our favourite day walks in Europe for the eternal wanderer

From the get-go, our brand has been inspired by the independent spirit and the eternal wanderer. Because of this, we’ve taken the time to go back to our roots to spark our imagination for the start of this new year. 

Lately, it has been difficult to feel inspired, particularly when it comes to travelling, but one of the best ways we’ve found to inject some creativity into our minds is by researching some of the travel destinations we’re looking forward to in the future.

One of our favourite travel pastimes is taking to stunning paths and simply walking. That’s why we’ve put together the best day walks in Europe to also inspire the eternal wanderer in you.

The Blue Path Trail, Cinque Terre National Park, Italy

This coastal walk is so photogenic, we recommend keeping your camera out for the full 10km stretch. 

There are many trails you can take within the National Park but the ‘Blue Path’ takes you through five ancient fishing villages, Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza, and Monterosso, each beautifully painted in pastel colours as you overlook the Ligurian sea.

You’ll also have ample opportunity to stop for food or a quick coffee break along the way and if you get really tired, you can take the train at the back of the cliffs which links the towns together. 

With crisp azure blue waters, stunning vineyards and the picturesque villages, this is a truly memorable walk that should take approximately 6 hours. 

Lake Bled, Slovenia

The walk around Lake Bled feels too easy for the extraordinary views you are rewarded with. From the exceptional views over the lake to the towering Julian Alps and the church on Bled island, each step is more breathtaking than the last. The route is approximately 6km and should take around 1.5hrs. 

You can take a more challenging route by heading 680m up to Mala Osojnica, giving you brilliant views over the lake, or to the thousand-year-old Bled Castle complete with a picturesque terrace. 

Seven Bay Trail, Bay of Kotor, Montenegro

During summer, Kotor is often filled with tourists and cruise ships but away from the crowds, you can find the Seven Bay Trail, an easy 9km hike that should take anywhere between 3 and 5 hours. 

Start either in Budva or Sveti Stefan and walk around the bay. Look for the secluded beaches and coves where you can stop for a swim before pausing for lunch at the one of the many restaurants on the waterfront. 

We also recommend timing your hike so that you finish at around sunset, which is simply spectacular here. 

Mam Tor, Peak District National Park, England

Also known as ‘Shivering Mountain’, Mam Tor is a 4.8km hike that is an easy route and usually takes approximately 2 hours. 

This is a famous and popular day hike in England which is evident when you reach the top and see the views spanning over the Peak District - all the way from Edale Valley to Kinder Scout and into the Derwent Moors.

Start at Castleton in the main car park and follow the stone footpath up to Mam Tor. You can hike the route year-round but if you travel in winter, be prepared for snow. We’ve found autumn to be a wonderful time to travel to avoid the crowds. 

Trail A, Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

The Lower Lakes is perhaps the most famous part of Plitvice Lakes and Trail A is a gorgeous hike that takes you right through this breathtaking part of the National Park. 

At only 3.5km and along a paved boardwalk, this is an easy walk that will take approximately 2 to 3 hours. 

Milanovac, Gavanovac, Kaluderovac, and Novakovica Brod are the four stunning coloured lakes that make up the Lower Lakes. As well as this, you’ll also see many different waterfalls such as Sastavci Waterfall and Slapovi Milke Trnine. 

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