Happy Australia Day!  New products from our Aussie partners incoming...

January 26th marks Australia Day, a time to reflect on Australia’s history and respect the First Nations Australians, whose story began more than 60,000 years ago.

Though we’re not Australian, we want to take this time to celebrate our Aussie partners, the ones who started it all in 2013 with the Hobo & Hatch launch in Western Australia. Our brand owner and HQ reside in Perth, and following the success in the southern hemisphere, we were thrilled to bring Hobo & Hatch north in 2020. 

With our EU/UK launch, we were able to bring our slow-fashion principles and sustainability initiatives to more like-minded people around the world - our fellow independent spirits and eternal wanderers who choose compassion over fast fashion. 

So far, we’ve brought many of the same stylish items from our Aus/NZ store to the UK & EU and we’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be expanding on this!

We’re starting with the Polly Short Brim hat - we already have the stunning natural colour on our store and we’re excited to say that we’ll also be adding olive, amber, peony and even a kids size! 

Made with all-natural fibres of hemp and cotton and handwoven in Nepal, this breathable hat is a must-have accessory for the sun. It also comes with a 3 inch lightweight adjustable soft wire brim, making it extremely travel-friendly! You’ll take the Polly everywhere you go. 

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