Spotlight on our Inspirational Survivor Flick Palmateer

Aside from a pro surfer Flick Palmateer is an artist, model, activist and has just made it down to the final three of Australia's toughest reality show Survivor. Tragically halfway through filming, her mother Pauline Burffrag died aged 52 following complications with on-set dementia. However, Flick bravely decided to continue with the show saying it is what her mum would have wanted. 

Beach baby Flick started surfing on the beaches of Western Australia with her father who she cites as her biggest surfing inspiration. Fast forward to the present and Flick is an acclaimed pro-big wave surfer. In 2015 history was made when she rode the biggest wave ever ridden by a female Australian surfer at Cow Bombie, estimated to have been a whopping 7.6 metres.

Aside from the waves, Flick is also a talented artist, her father Warrick Palmateer is a renowned ceramic artist and her mother studied fashion. Taking her inspiration from her nomadic lifestyle and of course the water to create her art including beautiful mandalas and bespoke painted surfboards.  

Last year saw the release of "Skin Deep" an audio and visual performance where Flick took to her board nude in the idyllic waters of Australia, Fiji and Hawaii. Flick has said that the ocean has been her playground from a young age and helped shape her life and "Skin Deep" was an emotive journey on what it means to be free and found the process empowering. 

Flick is a passionate activist for marine conservation and a global ambassador for the Marine Stewardship Council, the governing body for sustainable seafood. Hobo & Hatch are proud to be collaborating with this incredible and inspiring woman, a true ocean dweller with an independent spirit that aligns perfectly with our brand.

By Sarah Ridgway

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