After months of gloomy skies and cold weather, our much-missed friend Spring is finally here. So say goodbye to the sofa and layers of clothing and hello to blue skies, longer days and a much-needed boost of Vitamin D. The benefits of warmer weather are glorious as soon picnics, beer gardens and trips to the beach will start to fill up our spare time. The addition of the sunshine vitamin also improves energy levels motivating us to exercise more, yes really!

As we happily transition into our Spring wardrobe we can look forward to bare legs, cotton dresses, and open-toe sandals once again. Our Polly Short Brim Hat is the perfect boho accessory to protect from the sun's UV rays while being stylish at the same time. The 3-inch soft wire brim is adjustable allowing it to be styled in multiple ways also keeping you cool on the hottest of days due to its breathable blend of hemp and cotton.  

Our amazing artisans in Nepal have handcrafted us a beautiful item that can be worn anywhere, from a day at the beach or even a quick dash to the shop for more ice cream. Our well-loved Polly is also available for kids and all pack flat so no more squashed hats while travelling. When you purchase our Polly Hat you own a sustainable and durable product lasting many more seasons to come, one size fits all so all you need to do is choose which colour you want.

Written by:

Sarah Ridgway

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