All About the UK’s First Sustainable Fashion Week 

Originally planned for 2020 but cancelled due to lockdown from 11th-19th September Bristol will play host to the UK’s first Sustainable Fashion Week. The event aims to change up our relationship with fashion by taking the focus off trends and redirecting it to upskilling, empowerment and creating a more sustainable mindset with fashion

Many of the events will take place in Bristol but there are other events dotted across the UK. These include vintage pop-ups, community events and a street stitching event to encourage repairing clothes rather than throwing them away, follow the hashtag #stitchitdontditchit for further info.

If you can’t make it in person don’t worry there are lots of online events planned with upcycling workshops, knitwear repair and an array of thought-provoking discussions and panels. 

Also, join on Thursday 16th for an online clothes swap in collaboration with the preloved fashion swap app NUW. Just download the app, upload your items and log in from 6 pm to get your swap on.


  • Share information about the environmental and social issues faced by the fashion industry
  • Increase awareness of sustainable alternatives to buying fast fashion and buying more than we need
  • Inspire a diverse range of people to be part of the sustainable fashion movement
  • Prompt action by individuals towards more sustainable behaviour in relation to fashion
  • Help empower people to use their influence to move the fashion industry towards a more sustainable model
  • To gather information on barriers to participation and to measure our impact on the ground

The fashion industry is a significant factor in climate change and needs to change now. As a brand that puts the planet’s wellbeing at the forefront Hobo & Hatch fully support this event and are hopeful it will prompt much needed action.

Find out more here on their website and how you can get involved: 

Sustainable Fashion Week - UK

By Sarah Ridgway

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