Creating Sustainable Opportunities for Artisans can Change the World

We introduced you to our collection of wonderful wool blankets in the last blog. Now, we want to tell you more about our amazing artisans who work behind the scenes to create them.

The second-largest employer in developing countries after agriculture is the artisan sector. Millions of people, mainly female, are employed across the globe using their skillset to earn a fair wage to sustain their homes and families.

Working conditions and fair pay are top priorities as many of our team are mothers. We want to create sustainable opportunities that adapt to our team's schedules alongside a positive work environment. Meet Parbati and her beautiful daughter Sewama, Parbati is one of our master fringe makers and hand-rolls every single fringe to perfection to seal the woven yarn. When we say handcrafted with love, we mean it!

Say a BIG hello to Prabina, Hobo's jewellery production coordinator who comes with a whopping 17 years experience and our jewellery manager Gopal who has amassed an impressive 30 years. Together we utilise their in-depth knowledge to source the best crystals, stones and materials whilst adhering to fair trade principles, we are proud members of Fair Trade Group Nepal.


We remain in awe of these beautiful and strong women and are proud to support their contribution. Hobo & Hatch are committed to empowering and investing in our artisans to create a positive long term impact across these communities. 

By Sarah Ridgway 

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