Go Green this Halloween

Over the centuries Halloween has grown from lighting bonfires to ward off ghosts into a popular celebration enjoyed by all ages. Its traditions originally derived from the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain which marked the end of the harvest season and the start of winter. It was believed that the eve of 31st October thinned the boundary between the dead and the living enabling the deceased to return to earth for one night only. The Celts gave way to Christianity who also marked All Hallows’ Eve followed by All Saints Day, a large feast all about praising the dead, mainly saints.  

Fast forward to the present and millions are spent every Halloween as a white sheet with cut out eyes sadly doesn’t cut the mustard anymore. It is also the season where we all go pumpkin mad, from pumpkin patches to heavenly pumpkin spiced lattes we just can’t get enough of these orange delights. Amidst all the spooky activity this weekend don’t forget to be mindful and still make better choices to have a greener halloween.

Hobo & Hatch’s Green Halloween Tips

Say No to Fast Fashion Costumes

Adapt an existing garment, borrow or get rummaging at the charity shops, if that fails then rent a costume.

Ditch the Plastic

Opt for wrapper free sweets for trick & treaters and instead of buying novelty plastic bowls give your existing bowls a spooky makeover instead..

Get Craft

Invest in reusable decorations or make your own that can be pulled out year after year.

Utilise your Pumpkin 

Source local and organic pumpkins and re-use in a yummy recipe after carving and compost the rest.

By Sarah Ridgway 

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