As autumn rolls in, all that’s on our minds is wrapping up and keeping cosy - but just because the evenings are getting darker doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to!

At Hobo & Hatch, we think that when it comes to pulling an outfit together, it’s the accessories that can really make a whole look. They have the power to add a punch of personal style and when it comes to the cooler autumnal days, they’re super practical too!

So, we’ve put together our top autumn accessories - the ones that will keep you cosy without compromising on style.

First though, we wanted to give a little update on where we are now with COVID-19. This has been a challenging year for most and though we have faced restrictions, we’re pleased that we are still able to ship our products to our wonderful customers. What’s more, we’ve been able to adapt so that our artisans and workers are safely able to carry out their talented work, and we’re thrilled that we can still nourish this sustainable employment for creators all over the world.

With that being said, let’s take a look at our cosiest accessories that will see you through many crisp autumn and winter days to come!


Scarves are the unsung hero of the accessory world. From layering over tees when you need a little extra warmth during those summer nights to wrapping around your favourite coat as the temperatures drop in autumn and winter, they’re an extremely versatile accessory to use year-round.

What’s more, we’ve designed our scarves to double up as a stunning shawl that you can wrap around your shoulders wherever you are! All of our shawls are handwoven in Nepal on majestic wooden looms using a soft, unique yarn. From deep midnight to cool pistachio, choose from a variety of colours to suit your style and outfit!


Already making a comeback on the catwalk, ponchos are the underdog of A/W 2020. We know that many may not have braved the look before, which is why we’ve designed ours with easy styling in mind. Wear the v neck at the front or diagonal for a different look, with one size fitting most. It’s easily paired with jeans and can be dressed up with a collared shirt beneath - you’ll also find a variety of colours and patterns to fit your personality.

Our talented artisans in Nepal hand weave the ponchos on wooden looms using a soft, unique yarn which is then finished with perfectly twisted tassels and sewn in Western Australia.


Whether you want to use it as a throw for the end of your bed, add some colour to your couch or use it as an oversized scarf and wrap, our blankets are designed to be versatile and a cosy way to add some style to your home or outfit!

Handwoven in Nepal using soft yarn, the care and detail that has gone into our blankets make them feel even cosier!


Wooly hats are arguably the staple and must-have accessory to see you through autumn/winter - but something so practical definitely doesn’t have to be boring!

We’ve designed our hats with two distinct styles, each with different colour varieties, to give you plenty to choose from. The Elsie hats are handwoven using New Zealand wool by our beautiful artisans in Nepal and feature a contrasting pom pom to help you stand out for all the right reasons. The fleece trim will also keep you cosy through those frosty days.

Our Hazel hats can be worn two ways - turn up the brim or wear long and floppy. You also have four beautiful colours to choose from. Like the Elsie, these hats are made using New Zealand wool, handwoven by our talented artisans in Nepal and complete with a fleece trip.

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