European winter nights vs Australia’s summer evenings

With the winter nights coming in and our Aussie partners about to enjoy their summer, it can be easy to think our friends down under have it best! We thought we’d get into the nitty-gritty of the seasons and see which reigns supreme; Europe’s winter nights or Australia’s summer evenings, let’s take a look!


Don’t get us wrong, we love any excuse to crack out the staple summer dress and our Polly short brim hat (or our Janis wide brim hat if we want to make a statement) - but there’s something about wrapping up in our autumn/winter accessories that make pulling an outfit together all the more enjoyable. 

We love it so much, we recently wrote a blog on keeping cosy with must-have accessories to see you through the crisper days! So, sorry Aus, but on the fashion side, we much prefer the European winter nights. 

The Great Outdoors

Ok, we have to admit, stepping outside on a blustery winter’s evening is not what we have in mind when exploring the great outdoors - we much prefer a hibernation tactic next to the fire. So when considering spending a lengthy amount of time outside we have to say a warm Australian summer evening sounds perfect to us right now! 

As the sun goes down the bustling cities come alive but so does Australia’s wonderful natural scenes. Spending an evening down on the beach or gazing up at the dark night sky means that an Australian summer night definitely wins this round. 


Now it might be because we don’t know any different but for us here at Hobo & Hatch EU, Christmas means chilly weather and if we’re lucky, a nice dusting of snow. 

We’re sure Christmas in the sun is spectacular but there’s no better way to get into that festive feeling than wrapping up warm, heading down to a Christmas market and enjoying a European winter’s night in all its glory. 

We can compare Australia vs Europe until we’re blue in the face but truthfully, we find the beauty in the differences. That was exactly our ethos behind launching our EU brand following the success of our Australian partners. With two branches, we can really hone in on the differences of the hemispheres whilst both offering some essential staples that can be worn across the planet! So for all our European customers, make sure you check out and for our Aussie friends, head to

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