Restore Our Earth 

Restore Our Earth is the crucial message for this year’s Earth Day on 22nd April. As we still cannot gather in person the day has gone virtual and is jam-packed with activities and speakers including activist Greta Thunberg. President Joe Biden will also be assembling 40 world leaders for a summit on tackling climate change. As promising as this sounds sadly it cannot distract from the urgent issues the planet is facing and that is why Earth Day needs to be a year-long commitment from everyone. It is not all doom and gloom as effective changes are constantly being made and every one of them no matter how small makes a difference. There are so many ethical and sustainable brands popping up and huge corporations are also getting on board offering better choices. But don’t doubt how much of an impact you can also make by being consistent and making simple changes such as:

  • Reducing plastic waste by getting your daily coffee in a reusable cup. 
  • Stop using plastic bags that end up in our oceans endangering its sea life.
  • Not buying things for the sake of it and re-use what you already have.  

Finally, it is time to break up with fast fashion which is having a devastating impact on our environment. Everything at Hobo & Hatch is sustainable and ethically sourced. Buying our brand in the long term will result in a lower cost per wear due to the craftsmanship and higher quality. Sustainable fashion should be available to all therefore we offer Clearpay as an option to break down the cost into manageable payments.

The Virtual Earth Day starts from 20th April and you can sign up and join in at

By Sarah Ridgway 

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