In our last blog covering our FIKA collection, we addressed COVID-19 and how we are determined to focus on the beauty of the world around us in order to stay inspired and positive.

This leads us perfectly to RIAH - our collection of leather accessories based on the idea of ‘a beautiful journey’. We’re firm believers that life is not about focussing on a destination and instead, is all about enjoying the journey and the incredible experiences that come with these special ‘in-between’ moments. This collection of beautifully-crafted leather accessories has been thoughtfully and ethically designed with the eternal wanderer in mind - the traveller who savours every moment of the journey.

The pieces draw inspiration from ancient, raw origins with natural elegance and our signature nod to vintage leather.  As per our slow-fashion values, these accessories have been designed to last, carrying you through seasons with our slow, limited and mindful principles. 

Each piece honours the traditions of ageless craftsmanship. Our artisans in Nepal and Mexico combine their talent with generational wisdom to create the stunning accessories - and we’re thrilled that these collections are a way to directly empower our creative communities across the world. 

Our Australian Partners have already received such positive feedback about our RIAH collection, which is why we’re super excited to bring these timeless classics to our EU and UK followers! These are the accessories that will stay with you, time and time again, as you embark on your beautiful journey. 

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