This International Women’s Day: Choose to Challenge

International Women's Day is a time to reflect on female progress and achievements as we continue to raise awareness and strive towards gender equality. IWD started over a century ago and despite incredible advancements politically, economically and socially, sadly this day is still as vital as ever. IWD is on 8th March and this year's theme is Choose to Challenge, the message being "A challenged world is an alert world"  Follow #choosetochallenge on social media to engage, share and raise awareness.

Hobo & Hatch work alongside communities in Nepal and Mexico creating employment opportunities for women.  When you purchase a leather bag handcrafted in Nepal or Jewellery crafted by a Mexican artisan you are a part of a process that empowers and makes a difference.

Read more here about our story and IGWR Nepal who we have been supporting for over ten years.

The list of women worldwide achieving incredible things is monumental but here are three recent game-changers to celebrate:

New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern juggled her first term in office alongside her newborn baby daughter. Further making history as the first world leader to bring her baby to a UN general assembly meeting. 

Whitney Wolfe Herd became the youngest woman to reach billionaire status at the age of 30. After leaving Tinder due to sexual discrimination and harassment Whitney founded Bumble which she says is a dating app that puts women first.

Zara Mohammed made history at the start of the year as the first female leader of The British Muslim Council. The 29-year-old from Glasgow says she hopes to inspire more women and young people to take on roles in leadership.

According to The World Economic Forum, gender parity will not be achieved in our lifetime or even our children. Therefore we need to continue to rise up, support and empower the change essential for an equal and inclusive world.

Visit the IWD Website to see how you get involved and donate towards this essential and important cause.

Written by Sarah Ridgway

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