World Health Day 

World Health Day has been observed on April 7 since 1950 and this year’s theme is building a fairer, healthier world which is especially apt as we continue battling through a global pandemic. Sadly, the pandemic has also highlighted vast inequalities and many disadvantaged countries have been hit especially hard with the virus. Even now as the vaccine is being rolled across the world at great speed some countries have received very small amounts of vaccines and some none at all. The World Health Organisation highlights this as a unique opportunity to work together and has issued five calls for action: 

  • Accelerate equitable access to COVID-19 technologies between and within countries
  • Invest in Primary health care
  • Prioritise health and social protection
  • Build safe, healthy and inclusive neighbourhoods
  • Strengthen data and health information systems.



Our health is linked to our happiness and well-being and these are some actions we can take to achieve good health

  • Get a Good Night's Sleep as it plays a vital role in our immune system, metabolism and memory.
  • Exercise not only reduces the risk of heart disease it is also a huge boost for mental health.
  • Cut down on alcohol, sugar and caffeine, avoid processed foods and eat more plant-based options.
  • Practicing mediation is proven to lead to increased happiness.

 At Hobo & Hatch, we believe it is valuable for us to give as it is for those we support to receive, and we are proud to work alongside disadvantaged communities to create opportunities and play our part in creating a fairer world.

By Sarah Ridgway 

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