Celebrating the Summer Solstice 

The summer solstice marks the longest day of the year …....yes this year has already been a long one but brighter evenings are entering the room. This year’s solstice falls on Monday, June 21, where we say goodbye spring and hello summer while being gifted a glorious 16 hours and 38 minutes of daylight. 

For thousands of years, the summer solstice has united cultures all across the world and traditionally was a celebration of the returning light, fertility and a time to set positive intentions for a good harvest. The Scandanavians take the event extremely seriously and it is a national holiday in Sweden, with evening celebrations of dancing to traditional folk songs around bonfires. It was brought to mainstream attention recently in the film Midsommer, (the traditional Swedish spelling) and let's just say it was not the jolly pagan experience the protagonists had in mind….oh, and that ending!

Closer to home, Stonehenge has remained a significant pagan landmark for over 4000 years and it's summer solstice celebration can attract up to 30,000 people.  Unfortunately, due to the extension of lockdown for a further four weeks, celebrations at Stonehenge have been cancelled but there will be a free live stream as a consolation. 

Of course, there are still ways to mark the occasion, and as we transition into the next season it makes the perfect time to set intentions and goals. Try some solstice manifesting, write down some things you want to achieve, visualise each of them in detail and as the sun goes down marking the start of summer, declare them to the universe. 

The Hobo & Hatch team wishes you all a Happy Solstice 

By Sarah Ridgway

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