Christmas gifts for 5 different loved ones

2020 has been strange, to say the least, and though we still can’t believe it’s almost the end of the year, we have to face facts and get ready for Christmas!

One of our favourite things about this time of year is starting Christmas shopping and with all the options to shop online, there isn’t even any need to leave the house! In fact, we’ve made shopping even easier with this blog post to bring you the perfect gifts for 5 different loved ones. What’s more, as per our slow-fashion principles, all of our gifts are designed to last - so one Christmas present this year can remain with your loved ones for many years to come!

For the one who’s always cold

We all know that one person who always feels the cold first. Well, Christmas is the perfect time to offer a practical yet stylish gift with a blanket that can also be used as an oversized scarf or wrap! 

Our collection of blankets are all hand-woven using soft yarn and can be easily carried around for those cooler evenings or if you just want a comforting touch around your shoulders. 

Shop our blankets here.  

For the one who already has everything 

What do you get the girl who has everything? She’s super stylish and usually buys what she wants when she wants it - so what could she possibly need for Christmas? 

You can ensure she stays ahead of the trends with this year’s comeback staple - the poncho! Having just returned to the catwalks, you can get in there before she does and gift your loved one with a fashionable and much-loved item to wear over the festive period!

Shop our ponchos here. 

For the one who always loses their things

From purses to keys, we all have that one friend who manages to lose something when they go out. Put a stop to their stress with a practical and super cute bag! 

Choose from our Celestial Sidekick for the compact yet necessary accessory to any outfit or our Maisie bag for when you need a little extra space. We even have the Risko belt bag for when you don’t want to think about carrying anything! 

Shop our bag collection here. 

For the glamorous one

For the loved one who is always adding a bit of sparkle to your life, jewellery is a brilliant gift to add to their shine. 

From subtle studs to stand out statement rings, we have something in our collection of jewellery to suit every style. 

Shop our jewellery collection here. 

For the one who just got a new place

Know someone who has just moved? Double up a moving-in gift and a Christmas present with a decorative homeware piece.

Our collection from Madam Stoltz is the perfect bohemian addition to any interior and is sure to add a dash of personality to your loved one’s new home! 

Shop our homeware collection here.

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