Do Mother’s Day Your Way

Mother’s Day might look a little bit different this year as many lockdown restrictions will still be in place. 

Just because you may not be able to see your mother or equivalent figure in person, there are still plenty of ways to show you care and make the day just as special.

Mother’s Day falls on 14th March this year and non-essential shops are still closed so don’t leave it too late if ordering online. Now is also the perfect time to buy from local and independent brands who have been hit especially hard during the pandemic. When you shop with a smaller business more often than not they are a more sustainable choice due to them sourcing their products more ethically. You may pay more but you are contributing towards a more viable and fairer movement.  

Also, be aware that Mother’s day can trigger a variety of emotions for some people. As wonderful as it is celebrating the most important person in our lives, for others the day can be especially challenging. If you know someone in this situation then reach out and let them know they are in your thoughts and that they matter. Wherever you find a mother figure be it a family member or friends they all deserve celebrating. xx

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