How to be a conscious Christmas shopper

Here at Hobo & Hatch, we believe ethics should always come before consuming. We know that as a label selling products this can sound counterintuitive, but we have always declared our support for slow fashion - and we think purchasing a product consciously has so much more meaning behind it. 

With Christmas fast approaching, we think now is the best time to take a moment and really consider your purchases before just simply buying for the sake of a gift. This more intentional way of shopping can help you choose gifts for loved ones that are more thoughtful, will last longer, and are overall better for the planet. And so, we’ve put together a handy guide on how to be a conscious shopper this Christmas.

Evergreen products

If you want to purchase a physical gift, there are some considerations that can take a present from a needless purchase to a meaningful exchange. We think the price of a product doesn’t always represent its true value. Instead, consider how long a product will last, could it be a piece of evergreen fashion that lasts from season to season? Think about a gift that someone won’t need to buy again in a year’s time. 

Spread the why

Spreading the conscious shopping message is just as important as doing it yourself! When giving your sustainable gift, especially if it’s one with a lot of thought behind it, tell your recipient why you have chosen this gift for them and how you have shopped sustainably. Chances are, they’ll really appreciate the thought behind the present and you may see them putting these practices in place themselves. 

And if you stumble across some brilliant eco-friendly brands on your conscious shopping journey, be sure to share them with other people so they can shop sustainably too!

Eco-gift wrapping

Think about the whole gift, not just the item itself - what will you be wrapping it in? Did you know that in the UK alone, we use 125,000 tonnes of plastic packaging for gifts every Christmas?

Skip the plastic and instead choose wrapping paper that can be recycled. Opt for paper without glitter and one with a matte finish, as these are usually the recyclable kind (a good test is whether you can scrunch it up, if it stays together then it doesn’t contain plastic). 

Better yet, choose recycled unbleached paper or even fabric bags for someone to use again. And pick up some paper parcel tape for completely plastic-free gift wrapping! 

Shop local and independent

£10 to a small business means so much more than £10 to a huge corporation - plus it gives you the chance to hunt down some truly unique gifts. 

Shop local or choose small independent brands and UK businesses to ensure your money goes somewhere special - particularly important during these difficult COVID-19 times. 

Gifts that give back

Rather than give a physical gift, you could choose a gift that gives back - for example, ones that make a difference to charities/communities. Or you could choose a brand that gives back as part of their business model, just like we do with our close connection with IGWR Nepal. 

Gifting experiences are a good option as it takes away the physical products and consumption. There’s also no shame in regifting something! 

Ultimately be conscious about the products you are purchasing, or indeed asking for. Is it really necessary or is it just more stuff? 

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