How You Can Help Afghan Refugees Right Now


The desperate and heartbreaking scenes in Afghanistan over the past week have sent shock waves throughout the world. Thousands of Afghan people are still trying to escape and flee, many in just the clothes they have on their back. It is impossible not to feel helpless and powerless but there are things we can do to help.

Educate yourself on the current situation from reputable sources to keep raising awareness. Share the first-hand accounts of the Afghan experiences so we can all understand more and urge action. A thread that went viral on Twitter by Bushra Abadi explains how important it is to amplify the voices of Afghan activists, leaders, journalists, artists and researchers and not our own unsolicited opinions and takes on the situation. 

Write to your local MP about welcoming the refugees to the UK and finding them a home.

Travel YouTuber Eva Zu Beck who has visited Afghanistan has some great resources on her Instagram account including letter templates. 

Sign Petitions and attend protests all voices matter and we need to keep this at the forefront of everyone’s attention. Get behind the plans to resettle Afghan refugees in the UK

Donate to trusted charities and fundraisers such as the ones below:

Choose Love

United Nations Refugee Agency 

British Red Cross

Afghan Aid

Islamic Relief 


You can also donate your frequent flyer miles or credit card points to the charity Miles for Refugees that helps resettle displaced people.

This is a humanitarian crisis that is unfolding before our eyes but we can use our voices and actions to support the people of Afghanistan. All of us at Hobo & Hatch stand together with refugees and their journey towards a safer life.

By Sarah Ridgway 

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