Hobo and Hatch - About Us

a little bit you may not know about Hobo and Hatch

Hobo & Hatch is a modern bohemian label.  Inspired by the eternal wanderer, independent spirit, salt of the earth haute hobo. The label has declared their support for slow fashion. Celebrating sustainability initiatives across the fashion world, reducing its carbon footprint & carrying ethical products in a push for more ‘conscious’ shopping. 

Designed in South-Western Australia amongst Hobo and Hatch is a treasure trove for the searcher of the extraordinary. Individually designed items merged with vintage inspiration, simple honest craftsmanship with elegant design.

Treading lightly and directly empowering creative communities, Hobo and Hatch celebrates finding beauty in the simple. Connecting us to the earth with tradition and individuality.

In giving we receive (IGWR Nepal)

We have been working with IGWR for over ten years and support their mission with our sponsorships and volunteer our time or extra funds when needed.  The mission we believe the future is in our hands and we have the power to create it.  We believe in the power of education to transform the individual and the world.    We believe it is valuable for us to give as it is for those we support to receive.We are ethical and always act in the best interests of children.  We are caring and compassionate and treat every child with dignity and kindness.  We embrace new ideas and seek sustainable solutions rather than short-term remedies.  We promote collaboration and work in full partnership with our communities.


1. Creating opportunities for economically disadvantaged producers
2. Transparency and accountability
3. Fair trade practises
4. Payment of a fair price
5. Ensuring no forced or child labour
6. Commitment to non discrimination, gender equality and women's economic empowerment and freedom of association
7. Ensuring good working conditions
8. Providing capacity building
9. Promoting fair trade
10. Respect for the environment

Our UK office:
Our wholesale brochures are FSC certificated & we email these rather than print as much as possible.

    • For our general admin where printing is required we only use Woodland Trust Office paper.
    • Every sheet of Woodland Trust Office Paper sold contributes directly to the work of the Woodland Trust and is FSC Certified
    • Energy for paper production is generated from waste material, resulting in zero CO2 emissions from fossil fuels
    • Excess heat from paper production is piped to a community heating project
    • Woodland Trust Office Paper is produced to the most demanding environmental standards
    • Woodland Trust Office Paper is a high bulk 75gsm with a 161 CIE whiteness