Vanilla Wool Blanket


Vanilla Wool Blanket by Hobo and Hatch 

This collection has been inspired by our campaign muse.  Dorje.  A Tibetan Buddhist name representing a bell that allows the follower to achieve enlightenment and indestructible clarity.

Autumn/Winter are seasons of recovery and preparation.  Feel the bone structure of your landscape, smell the cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin spice, and speak kind words to warm these cool months.

Hand woven in Nepal on majestic wooden looms using a soft, unique yarn and finished with perfectly twisted tassels.

A perfect throw for the end of your bed, layered on a daybed or couch.  A wonderful oversized wrap & huge scarf… it’s yours to get creative.

Approx 115cm x 250cm.

Fabric Content 97% Wool and 3% Cotton.

Made in Nepal 

Sustainably sourced and produced product.  In giving we receive (IGWR Nepal)